Last updated: March 2019

Platforms: PC

Time spent on project: ~1 year

Engine: Unity 2018.3

This has been a hobby project of mine. Started all the way in December 2017. I started this project from complete scratch. I didn't even know how to create a mesh by code back then. I haven't followed any tutorials either, it's all been created by my ideas. Although I did look up the algorithim for lighting and I heard of the optimal region based saving technique.

This game doesn't really have any gameplay yet, I'm just working on the fundamental stuff first. I do have a lot of ideas for this though and mark my words, it's going to change everything.


  • Infinite in all x y z directions

  • Flood fill lighting with ambient occlusion

  • Region based chunk saving

  • Movable block vertices in runtime

  • OS like editor interface

  • Block editor, for modifiying block data, eg. grass, stone

  • Optimized for large render distances

  • Procedural terrain (early stages)

  • Sphere brush

To-do list:

  • NBT like data format

  • Chunk culling

  • Integrated server and multiplayer