Last updated: February 2019

Platforms: Mobile, PC

Time spent on project: ~3 weeks

Engine: Unity 2018.3

This game was made as a school assignment.

The assigment was to make a mobile game in Unity as a group.

MÖSII is a straight up Lemmings clone.

The characters in the game are called mösiis. A "blank" mösii spawns at a fixed rate from the cloud. The objective is to get all of the spawned mösiis to the goal, which is represented as a top hat. You have to give mösiis different skills to reach the goal, eg. remove a wall by exploding it. That's where the puzzle aspect comes up.

MÖSII skills:

  • Climber - Can climb straight walls

  • Stopper - Forces mösiis to flip direction

  • Driller - Destroys terrain directly below

  • Miner - Destroys terrain diagonally down

  • Tunneler - Destroys terrain horizontally

  • Floater - Falls slowly, therefor can't die from fall damage

  • Exploder - Destroys terrain in a circular area

  • Builder - Builds up diagonally for a fixed length

Engine features:

  • 60 fps even on old phones (eg. Samsung Galaxy S3)

  • Destructable terrain

  • Custom made pixel accuarate collision detection


Valtteri Mönkkönen - Programming, UI

Joona Venäläinen - Sprites, Levels